Introducing the New Surface Pro 3

by Kaschimer 21. May 2014 00:47
Surface Pro 3 comes with amazing features like a 12" Full HD Plus display, fast Intel® Core™ processor, multi-position Kickstand, USB 3.0, microSD™ card reader and more. Bigger, lighter, faster, longer battery life, better ergonomics (multiple position stand). Pre-order yours now.


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‘123456’ Tops The List For The ‘Worst Password In 2013’ -

by Kaschimer 21. January 2014 02:50
If your password is in this list, you need to change it now… “Why?” you ask… Well, none of these passwords are strong. If a hacker wanted to get into your computer, he probably could with very little effort. From Passwords provide the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your computer. The stro... [More]



Regain hard disk space by using Windows Update Cleanup in Windows 7 and 8.x - TechRepublic#.

by Kaschimer 20. January 2014 02:09
“Disk Cleanup's new feature called Windows Update Cleanup is standard in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and was added to Windows 7 by an update that was made available in October 2013. The Windows Update Cleanup feature is designed to help you to regain valuable hard disk space by removing bits and pieces of old Windows updates that are no longer needed.” This helped me a lot. I had a ton of space bei... [More]


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10 Things Successful People Do

by Kaschimer 16. January 2014 01:57
“If you want to be one of the greats, if you want to be a big success in life and leave ordinary behind, do these 10 things successful people do, and get ready for the big results that are sure to follow if you do them consistently” Good advice. Take a look at this article and then… well… do it! 10 Things Successful People Do



10+ reasons to use SkyDrive - TechRepublic

by Kaschimer 13. January 2014 03:32
“Everyone wants to work smarter, and SkyDrive helps users and organizations do so in two ways: file sharing and access. It takes only a few clicks to share and access files using a number of compatible devices and from almost any geographical location.” I use SkyDrive nearly every day. It has a great integration feature into Windows 8.1 and MS Office which I love. The only bad part is that my reg... [More]


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10+ dos and don'ts for using Office templates - TechRepublic

by Kaschimer 6. January 2014 04:27
“Templates are one of Office's least used and most misused features. Office templates aren't particularly intuitive, and misunderstandings regarding their proper use hinder users. On the other hand, once users finally get it right and experience an increase in productivity, they're hooked. These tips will help you generate and apply templates correctly. This article focuses on user templates. If ... [More]


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The 10 most important things to teach your Outlook users | TechRepublic

by Kaschimer 13. February 2012 03:11
I love Outlook. Use it everyday in every way possible. I am always looking for tips and tricks on how to use it better. Here is a list of 10 things to help Outlook users use it to become masters of this great tool. I suggest clicking through to the site for all the details, but the list is reproduced here. Be aware of the different versions of Outlook available and that not all features are ava... [More]

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6 ways to ensure your email gets read

by Kaschimer 13. February 2012 02:49
From Microsoft At Work Do you struggle with people not reading your email? Do you want to give your emails the best chance possible to get read? This list of tips from Microsoft At Work may help. I would suggest clicking through to the site to get the full information. I am just reproducing the tips below. Make the purpose of the message clear Tell recipients what action you want them to ta... [More]

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How to improve your wireless network and boost its signal

by Kaschimer 13. February 2012 02:41
From Microsoft At Home Good tips for improving the reach and reliability of your wireless network, whether you are a home user or a business user. Go to the site for the full information. I’ve reproduced just the tips below. Position your wireless router, modem router, or access point in a central location Move the router off the floor and away from walls and metal objects (such as meta... [More]

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Outlook Best Practices - From the Outlook Blog

by Kaschimer 4. October 2011 07:54
So… I use Microsoft Outlook as my email client. I have for years. And like a packrat, I tend to not delete things. As a result, at times, I feel like my Outlook is more like “Out-of-control”look. I found a series of videos over on the Outlook blog that are very useful. Outlook Best Practices. Go figure. I liked the series so much I decided that I would embed the videos below for your enjoyment an... [More]

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