Add more memory to your computer

by Kaschimer 4. March 2010 10:24

Microsoft At Home

Does your computer seem to be slowing down? Have you added any programs lately that seem to make your computer crawl on its knees whenever you launch it? Well your problem *could* be that you need more RAM (memory). In this article from Microsoft at Home, you will learn how to do just that, and *hopefully* make your computer and that new application a little happier.

What is RAM, you ask? Well, this explanation from the article is probably the most intuitive I have seen, so I am including it here for your benefit:

If the hard drive is the filing cabinet in which you store your documents, then memory, or RAM (random access memory), is the table you work on. The easiest way to get more space is to add extra leaves.

  1. There are a few simple steps to take:
  2. Determine how much RAM you have and how much you need
  3. Figure out what type of RAM you require
  4. Buy it (of course)
  5. Install your new RAM

It’s not super difficult to do yourself. Like all things inside your computer, you have to take certain precautions, but it really is as simple as snapping the old memory out, and snapping the new memory in. Once you purchase your memory, it is usually about a 10 minute task to install.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can always call Dash Technical Solutions and we can help out.

I would suggest clicking through to the article, as there is a lot of good information that it provides for ensuring you purchase the correct kind, installation tips, etc.

Add more memory to your computer

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