Enterprise .NET Community: C# 3.0/LINQ Learning Guide

by Kaschimer 11. March 2010 01:37

I found this posted over on TheServerSide.NET. Yes, it’s a couple of years old now, but it's still a good resource if you are not up to speed on LINQ (like me). It consists of a series of links (no pun intended) to a variety of resources, including word docs, webcasts, code samples, etc.

From the site:

Language changes are a two-edged sword, as learning cuts into your time but sharpens and future-proofs your skills. Some new features are minor and can be gradually integrated into your routine, while others quickly impact your approach to coding.

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a set of .NET framework extensions that will definitely impact how C# and VB developers work with data in the future. These extensions provide a way to natively query any type of data without having to resort to other languages such as SQL or XQuery.

This learning guide provides a quick look at the LINQ extensions and the upcoming release of C# 3.0 in general.

Table of Contents

Click on over to the original article for all the LINQ goodness!

Enterprise .NET Community: C# 3.0/LINQ Learning Guide

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