Update Twitter & Facebook Fan Pages Automatically via RSS

by Kaschimer 28. September 2009 04:57

twitterfeed_logo_thumb2 I’m a fan of this web application (TwitterFeed). It will allow you to hook up your blog postings to Twitter and Facebook. I use it on this blog (so you should see this post in Twitter within the hour – I’m still working on the link to our Facebook fan page). This is super-useful for people who want to get word out to multiple sources at the same time.

From the article:

You’re cranking out some solid blog posts for your company. And you’ve just convinced the boss to let you set up a Twitter account and a Facebook fan page, too. But the boss is worried it’ll take up too much time, and she asks: “Can you automatically update Twitter and Facebook with our new blog posts?” Yes, you can. Here’s how to do it reliably and for free.

Try it… You just might like it.

Update Twitter & Facebook Fan Pages Automatically via RSS

Welcome to Dash Technical Notes

by Kaschimer 5. June 2009 06:27

Stay tuned here for more information about custom software development and ideas on how YOU can benefit from using the technology you have, as well as ideas on how we at Dash Technical Solutions can help YOU achieve your business goals.

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